What if I want to go but cannot travel on the determined dates?

For Senegal, as long as we have 10 in a group who want to travel together then we can arrange another trip. If you would like to propose another set of dates, please fill out this form- https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeIdHKzLUdb_t2LBISN2MquO_0BKNyzJKAgBDreOfPaS1feGQ/viewform?usp=sf_link For France, CAVILAM only holds their teacher training programs in the summer. We can propose dates in August if you would prefer. For all other programs, as long as we have 6, we can run a program.

Can I book my own airfare?

No. We have several reasons why we book the airfare as part of the package. Language with the Five Senses Education has a long standing relationship with Delta Airlines. When we book travel, we book our groups together, guaranteeing that our groups stay together. If there are delays, cancelations, or the like, we can mitigate the group and make sure everyone arrives together or as closely together as possible. Sometimes people have to connect to our group flight and there can be delays getting there. We can make sure that Delta takes care of any issues if we have the flights booked together. In the past, when we have had people booking their own flights, we haven't been able to mitigate any issues that have come up and we were not always made aware of issues. It is for this reason that LW5S books all airfare as part of the package. We can guarantee the best fares and best experience for everyone.

Is the trip the same price no matter where we fly from?

Yes, even if you are flying from the East Coast rather than the West, the cost of the trip remains the same because our airfare is a group booking. Elizabeth is very experienced at working with Delta to get the best fares based on dates and routes for the group.

If I have 6 students enroll in student programs, do they all have to enroll in the same program in order for me to travel for free?

No. You can have students enroll in any of our student travel programs in order to travel for free.

Can family members travel with me?

Yes, however, all of our programs will be conducted in French.

Can we arrive earlier or leave later or earlier than the group?

Everyone must arrive the same day to keep the group together, however, you can extend your dates or leave earlier if needed. If you leave the group at any time, extend your dates, or depart earlier, you do so with the understanding that you may have a difference in airfare that will need to be paid.

Can we upgrade our seats on the plane?

Yes, if you would like to upgrade your seats there is the option to do so on the registration form to Delta Comfort Plus. If you would like to fly Delta One, please let Elizabeth know ASAP and she will find the fare for you.

What happens if I have to cancel?

We know that things happen, unfortunately we cannot refund anything you have paid. Our travel partners do not refund and therefore we cannot refund. We ask that you be absolutely certain that you would like to travel with us before registering. If for some reason, COVID-19 prevents us from traveling, we will postpone the trip to the following year's dates.

Do you have a minimum and maximum number of participants?

Yes, we must have 10 teachers to travel to Senegal and our maximum is 15. For France there is no minimum. Our maximum for France is 20.

What is the registration timeline?

For Senegal, registration ends on December 15 of each year. For France, registration ends on April 15th of each year.

Can I travel on the teacher program and put my kids in the student program at the same time?

Yes! We have this happen quite often actually! In fact, Elizabeth does this every year!

How often do you run these programs?

These programs are annual. We run them every year, usually around the same dates.

How do you chooose the itinerary and activities?

The itinerary and activities are based on the wants and needs of each group. All of our programs are immersive and mix professional development, with linguistic development, and fun! Once we have our group formed, we send out a series of surveys to participants in order to determine what they are expecting from their experience.

How do you keep us up to date and communicate with us?

We set up a Google Classroom for each group that contains updates, paperwork to fill out, and resources you can use with your students. We also hold live travel meetings via Zoom to keep everyone updated.

Can you arrange special trips for private groups?

Yes! We have done this lots of times! If you have a group of at least 10, we can definitely arrange a trip for you, on the dates that you prefer! We can do this for all of our programs.

Do you have teacher programs for other languages besides French?

Yes! Our Morocco program is in English and is open to all educators. We also have a program in Senegal that is conducted in English that all educators can join. We are currently working on a program in Spain for Spanish teachers which will be coming soon. Additionally, all of our Globetrotter Programs are open to educators and conducted in English.

I would like to partner with LW5S for an International Program- Who do I contact?

Great! We love new partnerships! Contact Elizabeth at lw5s@bvwla.com

Can teachers living outside of the United States participate in your travel programs?

Yes! Absolutely! We welcome anyone from all over the world!

Is Senegal Safe?

YES! Senegal is well known for being the safest country in Africa! Senegal is a country that has relatively low levels of crime and disease and its population is renowned for its generosity! Senegal enjoys a stable democracy and religious harmony amongst its citizens. They are known as being the nation of "Teranga" which means "hospitality" in the Wolof language.

Will you have other programs in the future?

Yes! We are constantly seeking new programs and partnerships. If there is a country you would like to see us offer, please e-mail Elizabeth at lw5s@bvwla.com!

Is Morocco safe?

YES! Morocco is very safe and we are with a guide the entire time!

What happens if the program doesn't meet the minimum number of participants?

If we do not meet the minimum number of participants for a program, you will have the option to move to another program or travel the following year.

Do you offer travel insurance?

We do not offer travel insurance as part of the cost of our programs, however we do suggest Volunteer Card Volunteer card is inexpensive and lasts up to one year and can be used on multiple trips depending on the plan you choose. It also provides meals to refugee children around the world. This is also the insurance plan recommended by our travel partner GEEO.

Can I put together a group of other teachers instead of students and still travel for free?

YES! As long as you have a group of 6 others (7 including yourself) you will get a complimentary travel spot!