Joe Dugout - Utah

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Property Location:

Located on the NE and NW corner of Hidden Valley Parkway and Pony Express Parkway. Approximately 30 miles from Salt Lake City Just south of Highway 73 approx. 2.5 miles


27.44 acres


Zoning- (VC) Village Core and Commercial.

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Property Details

The subject property is 27.44 acres in Eagle Mountain, Utah. The property is Village Core (VC) zoned and can allow for commercial development and up to 190 residential units. Current zoning also allows all types of retail sales, business offices, banks, restaurants, apartments and condos. The site has frontage on Pony Express Pkwy. one of the main major fairways and a future signalized intersections with Hidden Valley Parkway. This intersection is directly in front of Joes Dugout creating a viable area for commercial development.  

Please note that our in-state Broker is Mark Stout with Mark Stout Group. #05457464

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